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Meridian Gate (Ngọ Môn) – The Remarkable Architecture In Hue Imperial Citadel

Contents 1. Meaning And Origin Of Meridian Gate 2. Architecture Of Meridian Gate 3. Main Function Of Meridian Gate 4. Architectural Values Of Meridian Gate Meridian Gate (Vietnamese: Ngọ Môn) is typical for the beautiful and unique values of architecture under the Nguyen Dynasty. It was eminently regarded as the symbol of Hue, the former […]

Easy Steps to Make Vietnamese Jackfruit Glutinous Rice Cake Recipe – A Speciality From The Central

Contents I. What to prepare II. Easy Steps to Follow the Jackfruit Glutinous Rice Cake Recipe Jackfruit Glutinous Rice Cake is a speciality of the Central of Vietnam. The main ingredient of the cake is glutinous rice flour cooked by steaming. Little Glutinous Rice Cake is also called as Bánh Ít. “Ít” in Vietnamese literally […]

Independence Palace: A Historical Site You Shouldn’t Miss In Saigon, Vietnam

Contents I. Some Information About Independence Palace II. What Are Attractions In Independence Palace? III. How To Get To Independence Palace? IV. Some Attentions Upon Visiting Unification Palace Many people said that going to Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, without visiting the Independence Palace (Dinh Độc Lập) would be a big mistake. […]


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