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Ta Cu Mountain – A Sacred Place In Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Vietnam

Updated: 11/14/2019 About 30km from Phan Thiet (Phan Thiết) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam), Ta Cu Mountain is located in Thuan Nam Town (Thị trấn Thuận Nam), Ham Thuan Nam District (Huyện Hàm Thuận Nam), Binh Thuan Province (Tỉnh Bình Thuận). It is a famous tourist area with beautiful scenery, green trees, blooming flowers, and mountains. […]

Explore Dien Tho Palace And The Unique Beauty Of Architecture For Decades

Contents Location History And Meaning Of Dien Tho Palace Architecture Hue attracts tourists by royal tombs, temples, pagodas with tremendous and magnificent architecture. Diên Thọ palace is no exception. Visiting Dien Tho palace, tourists feel excited to discover one more work of art of the imperial city. Location: Diên Thọ palace is located in the western […]

Explore Traditional Crafts & Taste Famous Cuisine In Chuon Village, Hue City

Contents Location Local People’s Life Let’s Explore The Craft Village Let’s Taste A Special Dish Let’s Discover Chuon Lagoon Visiting Hue, tourists can admire the beauty of the ancient capital with the huge architectural monument complex and discover poetic landscapes of a rural area or gorgeous beaches. Yet, do not miss a chance to try famous cuisine and explore […]

Hang Kenh Communal House: Valuable Sculpture In Hai Phong, Vietnam

Updated: 11/09/2019 Hang Kenh Communal House (Đình Hàng Kênh) (also known as Nhan Tho Communal House (Đình Nhân Thọ)) is a must-see spot in Hai Phong (Hải Phòng). Situated in Hang Kenh ward, Le Chan (Lê Chân) district, Hai Phong city, it is well-known for its remarkable wood sculpture and many interesting items. Possessing the […]

Hai Phong Museum: Memorable History Of Hai Phong City, Vietnam

Updated: 11/09/2019 Among four museums in Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Hai Phong Museum (Bảo tàng Hải Phòng) is the biggest one where you can find the development and foundation relics of Hai Phong City, exciting items for socio-economic revolutions, and cultural and historical values. Located on 66 Dien Bien Phu Street (Đường Điện Biên Phủ), […]

Hai Phong Colonial Quarter: Vietnam’s Ancient Architecture Buildings

Updated: 11/09/2019 Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) is not only famous for many tourist destinations such as Do Son Beach (Biển Đồ Sơn) and Cat Ba Island (Đảo Cát Bà) but also known as the earliest development port city of Vietnam. Suffering during the Vietnam War, Hai Phong nowadays still keeps its colonial charm and ancient architecture […]

An Dinh Palace: The Hundred-Year-Old Pearl Of Hue With Western-Oriental Association

Contents Location History Architecture Architectural Value The trip to Hue, the former capital of Vietnam will be incomplete if you ignore An Định palace – the pearl with a hundred year of history. Coming to this palace, tourists can admire and explore the beautiful, mostly undamaged structures in the harmony of modern-ancient architecture. Location:  An […]

Explore Can Chanh Palace: The Most Beautiful Wooden Structure In Hue Imperial Citadel

Contents Location History Of Can Chanh Palace Architecture Function Of Can Chanh Palace Values Hue is famed for many famous destinations which allure history lovers and tourists nation-wide and internationally as well; typically, palaces, imperial tombs and temples. Among renowned places, Can Chanh Palace is popularly regarded as the most charming wooden architecture in Hue […]

Duyet Thi Duong: The Oldest Theater Of Vietnam In Hue Imperial Citadel

Contents Location And Its Meaning Construction History And Restoration Layout Opening Time Hue is renowned for the great architectures of the Nguyen Dynasty. Among these monuments, Duyet Thi Duong, the oldest theater in Vietnam, is a fascinating destination for foreigners and history lovers.  Location and its meaning: Duyet Thi Duong lies on the eastern of Quang […]

The History Of Copper Casting Villages In Phuong Duc Ward, Hue City, Vietnam

Contents Location History Of Development Characteristics Of Copper Casting Values Preservation Of This Traditional Craft Tourists often eager to find out many historical monuments such as royal tombs of Nguyen Dynasty’s Kings, a romantic Huong River, Ngu Binh Mount – famous locations in poetic Hue. Yet, exploring traditional craft villages brings incredible experiences. Taking a […]

Explore Truong Tien Bridge – The Historical Icon In Huong River, Hue

Contents Structure Of Truong Tien Bridge Truong Tien Bridge In History Of Hue Beauty Of Truong Tien Bridge Once again, coming to Hue, the land of the architectural monument complex, tourists can freely admire ideal destinations not only historical monuments, temples, pagodas, but also mountains, rivers. Along with Ngu Binh Mount, Huong River, Truong Tien […]

Explore XQ Embroidery Museum & Cultural Values For Centuries In Hue

Contents Location Of The Museum History Of XQ Embroidery Values Of XQ Embroidery Museum The XQ Embroidery Art Museum in Hue city allures both tourists and artists. The XQ Embroidery museum gives visitors a chance to discover and experience one traditional Vietnamese craft for centuries. After two years of restoring and renovating facilities with organizing […]

The Religious Architecture Of Truc Lam Bach Ma Monastery In Hue, Vietnam

Contents History Of Bach Ma Mountain Architecture-Of-The-Monastery Beautiful Landscape Daily Activities In Truc Lam Bach Ma Landing on Truc Lam Bach Ma monastery in Hue, its fantastic artworks of religious architecture will allure you in ancient patterns and curved roofs. People seem to immerse themselves into the calm and fresh atmosphere and relieve their mind […]


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