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Updated: 04/07/2016

Hai Phong (Hải Phòng), the 3rd biggest Vietnam’s city, has been the centre of tourist spot for its beautiful coastal beaches. Hai Phong nightlife has been basically involved the sea life. Here is the city that never sleeps. You could experience all kinds of fun as well as recreation if you travel a bit towards Minh Khai District. Here, you could also find interesting choices of bars, nightclubs, food joints, pub, disco, karaoke joints, and so on. Hai Phong might not be as big and crowded as other party cities in Vietnam but could assure you the best nightlife ever.
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Hai Phong Nightlife – 12 Places To Relax At Night In Hai Phong

1. La Villa Blanche (White House)

Hai phong nightlife

When it comes to Hai Phong nightlife, this place is great for backpackers. La Villa Blanche is a vintage French-style mansion which features with a garden plus with a few small outlets that sell different type of drinks and food including beer (bia hơi). You should not expect any breakthrough point as it is a casual operation with ordinary tables and plastic chairs but the site is extremely popular among local people and could get rather busy after lunchtime. The place stays open till late night with reasonable food and drinks.

  • Opening hours: every day
  • Location: On Tran Hung Dao (Trần Hưng Đạo) Street, Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam)

2. Maxim’s Café

Hai phong nightlife

This café shop is a well-liked popular dinning place. Tourists should drop by this place at night for enjoying a variety of live music genres. It could get very busy at night and is a chance for you to mingle with friendly locals too.

  • Opening hours: 7 pm till late every day
  • Location: No.51 Dien Bien Phu (Điện Biên Phủ) Street, Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam)
  • Tel:  +84 31 382 2934

3. New Maxim’s

Hai phong nightlife

Formerly known as Friendly Club, New Maxim’s is a nightclub built in 2010. It is the replacement for the original Friendly Club and is an important part of a 2-start hotel carrying the same name. From outside, the bar stands out from others by their big red-and-yellow sign with a giant green Carlsberg logo on top. It will never let you miss. Live music is performed in the bar.

  • Opening hours: every day
  • Location: No.31 Dien Bien Phu (Điện Biên Phủ) Street, Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam)
  • Tel: +84 313 746 540

4. Saigon Café

Hai phong nightlife

Among Hai Phong nightlife destinations, Saigon Café is one of the most famous. It seems that every tourist city in Vietnam has to own a Saigon Café and Hai Phong is not an exception. In Hai Phong, Saigon Café is situated right at the corner of Dinh Tien Hoang and Dien Bien Phu streets, reckoned as the heart of commercial centre of Hai Phong and also a popular entertainment place for the yuppies of the city. This café shop provides customers with a wide range of drinks and food in a trendy atmosphere plus with live music.

  • Opening hours: every day
  • Location: at the corner of Dinh Tien Hoang (Đinh Tiên Hoàng) and Dien Bien Phu (Điện Biên Phủ) Street, Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam)

5. Texas BBQ & Bar

Hai phong nightlife

Another suggestion for an exciting Hai Phong nightlife is Texas BBQ and Bar which is a straightforward international bar that serves popular western food ranging from BBQ to pizza and rib-eye steak or lamb. If you want to taste some Mexican dishes, this bar also has something to serve you. The desserts of Texas are very famous among tourists, namely banana fritters, apple crumble and banana crepes. Here, the bar section offers you a variety of drinks as well as cocktails such as caipirinhas, imported wine and whiskey and margaritas.

  • Opening hours: every day
  • Location: No.22H, Minh Khai (Minh Khai) Street, Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam)
  • Tel: 84 31 3822689

6. The Lounge Bar

Hai phong nightlife

Belonged to Harbour View Hotel, the Lounge Bar is an ideal location for tourists to check out not just for a relaxing dining experience, but also for comfortable entertaining experience with live piano music. Having comfortable seating plus with lovely ambiance, it is perfect for local expats to meet for cocktails and beers.

  • Opening hours: 10 am – 12 pm every day
  • Location: No.04 Tran Phu (Trần Phú) Street, Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam)
  • Tel: +84 31 3827 827

7. Julie Bar

Hai phong nightlife

If you love beer with sexy and hot belly dancers, then you should not skip Julie Bar. Spend your night at this bar will help you get the most out of your worthwhile money. There is a wide range of beer served and the mocktails and scintillating cocktails will definitely keep you refreshed the entire night. Thanks to the amazing wines and the loud music, you will enjoy a dream night in Hai Phong that you will remember your whole night.

  • Opening hours: 6 pm to 2 am every day
  • Location: No.22C, Minh Khai Street, Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam)
  • Tel: +84989062990

8. Buzz Pub

Hai phong nightlife

One of the most popular places for an interesting Hai Phong nightlife is Buzz Pub which is located in the city centre. Situated opposite to Hai Phong Museum, this is an exotic gathering place for local people to meet each other in their beautiful traditional dresses. Generally, it is a relatively calmer site with live music performed on a few special days of the week. If you love beer or coffee, then the pub always welcome you for an ideal gathering with your buddies.

  • Opening hours: 6 pm – 6 am every day
  • Location: No.27 Hoang Van Thu (Hoàng Văn Thụ) Street, Hong Bang (Hồng Bàng) District, Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam)
  • Tel: +(84) 313515266
9. Phono Box

Phono Box, one of the most worth visiting destinations of Hai Phong nightlife is the place that tourists should add in their must-do list. It is perfect for solo drinkers who love their own company in such a calm ambiance. Being ideal for relaxing, Phono Box is a nice stop for you to stop with your maters and relax over glasses of beer. In fact, it is the most well-known for its good music and food as well as drinks.

  • Opening hours: 11 am – 11pm
  • Location: No.79 Dien Bien Phu (Điện Biên Phủ) Street, Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam)
  • Tel: + 84313823333
10. Hai Phong Opera House

Hai phong nightlife

Built with the culture of the ethnic Vietnamese, Hai Phong Opera House is considered as the centre of classical Vietnamese drama, traditional Sino-Vietnamese music, in addition to popular folk songs. Travelers are highly recommended to not overlook this site if having a chance to visit Hai Phong.

  • Opening hours: 9 am to 11 pm
  • Location: Hotel des Colonies, Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam)
11. MDM Music Club

This is a surreal combination between the hard rock music concerts and the best wine in Hai Phong City. MDM Music Club, as its name, has been the heart of those people who love music. It can be described as a half wine and half dinner place with the best performances of rock music in Hai Phong.

  • Opening hours: 11 am to 12 am every day
  • Location: No.53 Lach Tray (Lạch Tray) Street, Ngo Quyen (Ngô Quyền) District, Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam)
12. Nam Phuong Lounge

Hai phong nightlife

The last but not least impressive suggestion for a memorable experience of Hai Phong nightlife is Nam Phuong Lounge which will surely give you a treat to your senses. Here you can explore the authentic traditional music of Vietnam and best taste of local delicious cuisine. The music performed here is really enough to make you fall in love with the culture of the city while the tasty food will definitely lure you away.

  • Opening hours: 4 pm to 12 am every day
  • Location: Avani Hai Phong( Hải Phòng) Harbor View Hotel, No.12 Tran Phu (Trần Phú) Street, Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam)

Apart from the destinations of Hai Phong nightlife, there are still some other venues in the town you can go for:

  • Cafe Bar DJ Music:
    • Location:127 To Hieu (Tô Hiệu) Street, Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam)
    • Tel: +84 (0) 313 844350
  • Cafe Ngọc
    • Location: 229 alley – Ngo Gia Tu (Ngô Gia Tự) Street, Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam)
    • Tel: +84 (0) 98 2870183
  • Cafe music Cảm giác
    • Location:146 Quan Nam (Quán Nam) Street, Hai Phong City, Vietnam
    • Tel: : +84 (0) 983753337
  • Philey’s Lounge Bar
    • Location:115 Dinh Tien Hoang (Đinh Tiên Hoàng) Street, Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) City, Vietnam (Việt Nam)
    • Tel: +84 (0) 313 870871

This detailed list of 12 suggestions for Hai Phong nightlife hopefully has given you some interesting places to go as well as things to do in Hai Phong at night. For any comments or contributing ideas about this topic, you should feel free to drop your words below this article. We appreciate and will feedback as soon as possible!

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