Guest Post Guidelines And Suggestions

Guest Post Guidelines And Suggestions is open for guest posts but you should follow the guidelines and rules below before contacting us.
Nowadays, guest blogging could be reckoned as one of the most effective ways to publicize your high quality entries / posts to the whole world without cost. Additionally, it could help your website gain much more quality back links and higher ranking on different search engines.

If you would like to submit your quality guest posts for potential publication, you are welcome. If you wish your posts get approved in no time, you should read this page carefully because it offers you important information you may need.

Below, we launch a few basic guidelines and suggestions about guest posting on So, if you want to increase your own chances of be publicized on, please follow these rules:

Some Caveats For Guest Posts

• We do not accept posts or articles from companies that aim to get a link to services and products that we have never heard before
• You need to send us your guest post through email
• You have to use WordPress to get guest post here
• Your post should contain insanely useful content
• You should ensure your post does not violate any copyright laws
• Due to the volume of requests we receive, we could not respond to all submissions immediately. If your article meets our editorial standards as well as aligns, we will respond to let you know your article will be published. That process might take up to 10 days. So, please do not send us a “reminder” during that time.

For certain reasons, we might not accept your guest post as we might have more available posts than we could use, or we have released a reasonable number of posts and articles on the topic. Also, that depends on quality of your sent article as well as the relevance of your topic. If your post does not follow the guidelines above, you might not receive a response from us.

Rules & Requirements

There are a few basic requirements for all guest bloggers and articles to be published on Please read the followings carefully:

# Rule 1: Do not duplicate the keyword phrases which we have published/used on You can do your research by Googling site: “keyword phrase” to check if we have published something similar.
# Rule 2: You have to show us a track record of great content in the form of guest post examples that you contributed in other popular blogs/websites.
# Rule 3: You should watch out outgoing links (You are just allowed to use 1 link linking back to either your website or the author profile) and affiliate or promotional links. We can include multiple relevant links for the convenience of the readers.
# Rule 4: The content must be fresh, unique and helpful for the readers. We often just accept those guest posts with more than 2000 words. Any post with less than 2000 words, we will reject without announcing.
# Rule 5: Your post / article must be related to our categories displayed on the Menu, including Food and Travel.
# Rule 6: Your post / article needs to be fresh that has not been published before (both on your blog or anywhere else). There are a lot of tools used to check the uniqueness of your article. We reverse the right to fully own the content.
# Rule 7: Your post / article must have a headline, body text and your byline as well.
# Rule 8: You need to support the community by not just through your blog content but also replying to comments
# Rule 9: Your guest post should reflect the writing style/tone of
# Rule 10: Do not recommend your self-promotion.

Formatting & Markup

We encourage guest post bloggers to write content in plain text format (WordPress). That will help us publish your post much faster. Besides, we highly appreciate those guest post bloggers who follow the points below before submitting their post:

Font: bold font in the prose is not allowed

Subheadings: any subheadings in the post should be wrapped in <H2>, <H3> tags or in bold type to help them easily stand out.

Links: mark up your links and link texts using HTML, by all means if you would like to do. Or not, you could also use the URL within the brackets after the text that you want to use as the link text within your prose. We do not allow affiliate links in the guest posts.

Images: bear in mind that you must either own the copyright to the images or pictures used in your guest post or credit the image sources. Images that larger than 620px are not allowed in guest posts on Additionally, we do not publish the author head shots. Hence, do not send them to us.
Some Notes About Links

Bear in mind that relevancy is important. In your post, just link back to your blog or website once the links used are relevant to the topic you choose, otherwise, DON’T.

Those posts including calls to action to check out / order a product or service / visit your blog will not be accepted to publish on

Do not include too many links back to your website as we may remove these or reject your article.

How To Submit:

1. Choose a topic that are not published on and write an excellent post that is related to our topics.

2. Format your font and images as the rules above, your post will be published under Guest Blogger account. We will make sure to give a credit link back to your website / blog at the end of your guest post.

3. Email your completed article to contact[at]vina[dot]com.

4. We will definitely read, review, edit, then contact you whether or not your article is approved.

5. If you wish to become a long-term guest blogger at, we will give you a contributor account. Yet, let’s get to know each other before starting it, should we?

As a regular contributor, you could get the author box, which has maximum two back links to your targeted sites.
You are welcome to contact via the email above in case you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns or simply want to contact us with your own post.

Thank you for your interest in guest posting. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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