30 Quick, Easy Cooking Vietnamese Desserts Ideas

5. Steamed Cassava Cake:

Vietnamese desserts

Steamed cassava cake served alone or with coconut milk are both very tasty. This is one of rustic Vietnamese desserts – a folk cake which is very popular in Southern Vietnam. Try making this delicious and easy to make steamed cassava cake to give your family after a meal!


– Cassava

– Coconut milk

– Dried coconut
– Sugar

– Chestnut starch

– Food colors (pineapple leaf color, rose color)

6. Steamed Banana Cake With Coconut Milk:

Vietnamese desserts

Fragrant and soft banana cake coated by a sweet and fat coconut milk layer, coming along with the wonderful fragrance of roasted sesame seeds make this dish one of the most delicious Vietnamese desserts.


– Ripe banana

– Julliened coconut, squeezed with 400ml warm water or a can of coconut milk

– Chestnut starch

– Rice flour

– Golden sugar

– Vanilla

– Salt

– Roasted sesame

– Dried “Vietnamese pearls” (made from chestnut starch and stuffed with a small piece of copra in the central)

– Food color (optional)

7. Peanut Candy:

Vietnamese desserts

The market today is chockfull with many types of candy – one of the most popular desserts in Vietnam. They have very eye-catching colors, but still can not blur the image of the brittle peanut candy. The characteristic aroma of peanut and sesame is blended wih the slight sweetness of the sugar. In fact, peanut candy is still a rustic traditional snack and dessert. And even more interesting if you make it at home with very simple ingredients and recipe.

When it comes to making brittle peanut candy at home, perhaps not many people are ready to go to the kitchen. However, in fact, making peanut candy is very simple, not time-consuming, and especially, you can absolutely ensure the food safety without using preservatives. Meanwhile, the peanut candy bars are still crispy and delicious as the ones you buy in the supermarkets.


– Peanut

– White sesame

– Sugar

– Malt

– Sticky glutinous flour

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