30 Quick, Easy Cooking Vietnamese Desserts Ideas

8. Soybean Jelly:

Vietnamese desserts

Soybean jelly is one of the nutritious, delicious summer desserts. Soybean jelly has the characteristic white color and the faint aroma of soy milk. This dish is very suitable for hot summer days.


– Soybean

– Sugar

– Jelly powder

– Water

9. Limber Mango Jam:

Vietnamese desserts

Make this delicious and attractive mango jam for this coming New Year, and your family will feel really great about the taste of this dessert after greasy meals on Tet! The fragrant, sweet, tasty, chewy, and limber mango jam is worth for you to try out during the upcoming New Year.


– Green mango

– Sugar

– The water refined from lime

– Alum earth

10. Orange Ginger Tea:

Vietnamese desserts

This is also a wonderful dessert made from available ingredients which can be found easily in your own kitchen, including tea, fresh ginger, orange, and lemon. This drink is slight fragrant and good for your health in general, and for your digestion in particular.


– Embedded tea

– Boiling water

– Orange

– Fresh ginger

– Sugar

– Lemon

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