30 Quick, Easy Cooking Vietnamese Desserts Ideas

  • Fried Cake With Meat:

Vietnamese desserts

+ The shell:

– Wet glutinous rice flour

– White sesame seeds

+ The stuffing:

– Milled lean meat

– Cellophane noodles

– Fungus

– Carrot

– Dried onion

+ The dipping sauce:

– High quality fish sauce

– Fresh chopped chilli

– Green papaya

– Carrot

– Dried onion, garlic

– Pepper

3. Green Rice Cake:

Vietnamese desserts

Green rice cake is a common Vietnamese dessert made from green rice and milled green bean. To make this kind of Vietnamese desserts, people will wrap pounded and then green-coloured the green glutinous rice around sweetened milled green bean. This is actually one of the best easy cooking desserts people should try once!


– Dry green rice

– Green been

– Sugar

– Roasted Sesame

– Glutinous flour

– Cooking oil

– Grapefruit flower essential oil

– Water

– Glutinous leaves to wrap

4. Pig Skin Cake:

Vietnamese desserts

Pig skin cake is a Vietnamese steamed layer cake made from taro mashed mung beans, rice flour, tapioca starch, mashed green beans or coconut milk and/or water, durian and sugar. It is gelatinously soft in texture and tastes sweet, with thin (nearly 1cm) colored layers alternating with layers of durian, green bean, or taro filling.


– Rice flour

– Tapioca starch

– Taro (or durian)

– Mashed green bean

– Sugar

– Coconut milk (or water)

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