Is Vietnamese Food Healthy? 15 Names of Best Food in Vietnam!

10. Rice:

is vietnamese food healthy

Boiled rice is popular staple which is served as an accompaniment to Vietnamese people’s dinner and lunch dishes. Rice is also the major ingredient of rice paper and noodles. While unprocessed wild rice and brown rice would be a greater whole food alternative, the rice used provides some important and essential minerals and vitamins, which are even boosted by the nutrition value in the other ingredients.

11. Vietnamese Noodles:

is vietnamese food healthy

In fact, noodles are a staple meal, and Vietnamese people traditionally can eat noodle dishes at any time of the day. The traditional noodle dishes are made from mung beans, wheat, rice, and include a variety of sizes and shapes.

The traditional Vietnamese noodle soup referred to as ‘Pho’ is very famous, and it is also a good low-calorie dish. This kind of soup contains rice noodles, many kinds of vegetables and herbs, such as onions, bean sprouts, and tomatoes and either beef or chicken stock. While most of the noodles are prepared from white rice and processed flours, the other ingredients of “Pho” are whole foods.

12. Diced Chicken With Mint Leaves:

is vietnamese food healthy

A single serve of diced chicken with mint leaves just contains 100 calories


– chicken
– cucumber
– Large onion
– Laksa leaves, chilli
– Lemon
– Sugar, fish sauce, pepper

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