Is Vietnamese Food Healthy? 15 Names of Best Food in Vietnam!

7. Carp Porridge:

is vietnamese food healthy

According to folk experiences, pregnant women are often sugessted to eat carp porridge. Actually, according to many ancient books, carp is a spleen tonic, diuretic. It is also good for future moms’ breastmilk. It can also help to relieve cough, sore…, and carp also has very good effects in the fetal safety.

In addition, people also believe that future moms who eat carp porridge regularly will give birth to smart and ruddy babies. Especially, the baby will have pink lips.


– Carp

– Ginger

– Sticky glutinous rice

– White alcohol

8. Fish Dishes:

is vietnamese food healthy

Vietnamese food specialises in a lovely variety of seafood and fish dishes that are actually specialties. You can easily find mussels, shrimp, crab, fish, squid added to a lot of Vietnamese dishes such as soups, noodle, curries, rice dishes, and many rice paper rolls and wraps. Seafood and fish are often sautéed, simmered, steamed, and lightly fried without coatings or batters which help to reduce the fat content.

9. Salads:

is vietnamese food healthy

Generally, Vietnamese salads are very good for health, and they are really a smart and healthy choice in your daily diet. Salad includes healthy veggies, fruits, and nuts, and they are often seasoned with vinegar and many kinds of spices rather than oil-based dressings. Salads can be made with cabbage, turnips, papaya, and nuts such as peanuts. They are all healthy food to eat.

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