Is Vietnamese Food Healthy? 15 Names of Best Food in Vietnam!

13. Grilled Beef With Lemongrass And Vegetables:

is vietnamese food healthy

This dish provides a high level of healthy protein and vitamins. Especially, it is very delicious. Therefore, it is also lying on the list of Vietnamese food names which are healthy and worth trying.


– Beef
– Soy sauce, honey, cooking oil
– Garlic, pepper, five-spice powder
– Sesame

14. Steamed Fish, Braised Fish:

is vietnamese food healthy

Ingredients for steamed fish:

– Tilapia

– Mushroom

– Ginger

– Scallion, fennel, white alcohol, soy sauce, oyster sauce, seasoning seeds, spices, turmeric, pepper

Ingredients for braised fish:

This dish has the flavor from the countryside, made from rustic and easy to find ingredient – tilapia. The cooking process is very simple, and it is the perfect choice for Vietnamese families’ daily meals.

– Perch

– Lean and fat meat mixed

– Onion, chilli, sugar, salt, pepper, fish sauce, food color, glutamate

15. Sour Soup:

is vietnamese food healthy

This dish is very good for digestion and body’s heat stabilization. It is made with many kinds of fresh veggies, so it is also good for skin health.

There are many kinds of sour soup, such as:

  • Fish sour soup
  • Tamarind sour soup
  • Fish head sour soup
  • Snakehead fish sour soup
  • Catfish sour soup
  • Eel sour soup
  • Salmon sour soup
  • Fish pickles sour soup
  • Shrimp sour soup
  • Small shrimp – pineapple sour soup
  • Chicken sour soup
  • Goby sour soup
  • Vegetarian sour soup
  • Bamboo shoot sour soup
  • Sour soup with minced pork
  • Cartilage sour soup

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