Is Vietnamese Food Healthy? 15 Names of Best Food in Vietnam!

4. Cucumber Porridge – Good For Detoxification And Body’s Heat Stabilization:

is vietnamese food healthy

Refreshing cucumber soup with ginger will help to stimulate the digestion, body’s heat detoxification, and cold flu prevention. This dish can keep the body warm and keep you awake after ingesting alcohol. In addition, this dish helps to improve the epidermal cells resilience and reduce acne. This dish is actually very simple but it is still on top of the list of Vietnamese food names which are really good for human health.

5. Corn Simmered With Cartilage Soup – Amazing Weight Loss Effects:

is vietnamese food healthy

Women who are planning to “cut out” some extra pounds and the fat consumption of the body should not forget to add to their daily diet the corn simmered with cartilage soup. This refreshing soup is very low in fat and taste fresh thanks to the broth made with bone, meat, and vegetables.


– Cartilage

– Sweet corn

– Chestnut

– Carrot

– Chinese date

– Onion, cilantro (for decorating the dish)

– Spices, salt, pepper

6. Vietnamese Chicken Porridge:

is vietnamese food healthy

Functional food is any food which can help in health promotion and disease prevention. Doctors carefully “dissected” Vietnamese chicken soup and discovered that this dish can repel common symptoms of colds. In addition to the anti-inflammatory effects, this dish has the ability to limit the exposing time of the virus that causes nasal mucosa. In fact, studies showed that protein from chicken soup can not only help to cure the common cold, but also fight against high blood pressure. In particular, this healthy Vietnamese dish is very delicious and easy to make.


– Chicken

– Lotus seeds

– Rice

– Sticky glutinous rice

– Green bean

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