Is Vietnamese Food Healthy? 15 Names of Best Food in Vietnam!

II. Some Healthy Vietnamese Food To Eat:

There are a lot of healthy foods to eat in Vietnam’s cuisine, and here are some Vietnamese food names which are highly spoken as they are very good for human health.

1. Trotters Stewed With Peanut – Increase The Skin’s Resilience:

is vietnamese food healthy

The first one in the list of Vietnamese food names I want to introduce today in this article is the “trotters stews with peanut” dish. According to many researchers, the nutrition value of peanuts is very high as it contains fatty acids, polyunsaturated, quivalent to the amounts of these substances contained in eggs, milk, and meat. When stewing the trotters, you should also stew peanuts together with the trotters for greater nutrition values of the soup. In fact, trotters contain a high level of collagen (the substance which is widely used in anti-wrinkle skin creams and for injecting lips), so it should be considered as a beauty method which helps to prevent wrinkles and skin sagging effectively.

In particular, this dish can help you get healthy legs, kidneys, and help to reduce back pain. Trotter is very nutritious as it contains a high level of calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. Especially, protit in trotter releases no less than 11 essential minerals as in bear’s nails after melting.

2. Papaya And Chinese Date Soup For Healthy Blood Cells And Beautiful Skin:

is vietnamese food healthy

Papaya is one of the foods which are famous with the abundant amount of vitamin A. According to Oriental medicine doctors, papaya is sweet, and it can help in disinfection. It is also good for the stomach, skin beauty, and it works well for those people with poor digestion. Chinese date is a blood tonic. When combining Chinese date with lotus seeds in a dish and consume in a regular basis, you will be able to increase the immune system, improve blood cells, and beautify your skin. Last but not least, in the cold and dry winter days, you should make Chinese date, papaya, and lotus seed soup for warming your body and improving your skin health. In fact, this is one of the best healthy Vietnamese dishes you should try!

3. Chicken Simmered With Chinese Traditional Medicine – Increasing Breast Size And Stabilizing Leukorrhea:

is vietnamese food healthy

Chicken is fresh. It is white meat so it is relatively benign, containing a lot of nutrients which are necessary for the human body. If you combine chicken with herbs like Chinese Traditional Medicine, the dish will help to improve blood cells, increase the body’s resistance, fight against fatigue, and bring about the rapid recuperation. Especially, it also helps women with sharp white face become ruddy, and women will also get firmer breasts noticeably. People who have problems of leucorrhea should consume this soup once every two weeks.

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