Vietnamese Fresh Rice Noodle Rolls – Check out Pho Cuon in Hanoi style!

vietnamese fresh rice noodle rolls

I. Vietnamese Fresh Rice Noodle Rolls In Hanoi – The Introduction

vietnamese fresh rice noodle rolls

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In recent years, Hanoians have been enjoying a brand new type of ‘Pho’, which is called ‘Phở cuốn’ (Vietnamese fresh rice noodle rolls’. The origin of this noodles is from a noodle shop in the intersection between Ngu Xa and Nguyen Khac Hieu Streets in Hanoi. The owner of a noodle shop in this area thought of using fresh noodle to roll with beef and dipping in a sauce to eat instead of the traditional way. Some people tried this dish and felt good, so the new dish soon became favourited by many people. After he stopped his business, some other people learned this dish and opened new ‘Phở cuốn’ shops. Let’s check out more about this dish with Vina!

ingredients and types of vietnamese fresh rice noodle rolls

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II. Vietnamese Fresh Rice Noodle Rolls In Ngu Xa (Phở Cuốn Ngũ Xã)

Talking about ‘Phở cuốn’, it is certainly a big defect if we do not mention Ngu Xa – the converging quintessence of famous dishes made from fresh noodle in Hanoi for many years.

Let’s check out some of the famous ‘Phở cuốn’ shops in Ngu Xa right now with VinaFood!

1. ‘Phở cuốn’ Hưng Bền
pho cuon hung ben

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Hung Ben is a well-known name in the gourmet community as one of the first places to sell ‘Phở cuốn’ in Ngu Xa. Beside ‘Phở cuốn’, the restaurant also has a variety of other ‘Phở’ dishes such as puffy fried ‘phở’, ‘phở’ fried with egg, soft stir-fried ‘phở’, sour ‘phở’…

‘Phở cuốn’ here is full of beef, coming with very tasty sauce. Puffy fried ‘phở’ is very crispy, but is a little bit oily and greasy so that customers will not be able to eat much. Other dishes here come with not very high quality but are good enough to make your stomach full.

Nevertheless, this shop still has a few weak points, such as sometimes the sauce is slightly salty for some customers and the beef in the noodle rolls is sometimes tough. The shop is often crowded so that you will have to wait as ordering and preparing dishes will take a long time.

  • Address: 44 Ngu Xa Street
  • Opening Time: 9:00 a.m – 10 p.m
  • Pricing: 20.000 – 55.000 VND

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2. ‘Phở cuốn’ Hương Mai
pho cuon huong mai - phocuon

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When it comes to ‘Phở cuốn’ shops in Ngu Xa, Huong Mai probably has the most beautiful, most visible facade and you will receive warm welcome from the staff here. The restaurant serves ‘Phở cuốn’, puffy fried ‘phở’, ‘phở’ fried with egg… so that every dinner will have a lot of options to enjoy.

‘Phở cuốn’ here is very attractive by tight rolls beef, fresh herbs, and fine dipping sauce, not too bland and not too salty. The ‘phở’ fried with egg comes with crispy fried noodle and eggs so that it tastes slightly fatty. You can improve the taste and add more flavor to this dish with beef and stir fried vegetables.

Despite this, the shop still has a few weak points as the welcome staff blocked the guests’ cars. The shop is very crowded so that it is also very noisy, and the tables and chairs sometimes have dust due to being close to the road.

  • Address: 25 – 27 Ngu Xa Street
  • Opening Time: 9:00 a.m – 10 p.m
  • Pricing: 30.000 – 45.000 VND

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3. ‘Phở cuốn’ Thanh Hằng
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Similar to other ‘Phở cuốn’ shops mentioned above, Thanh Hang shop also has a menu with a variety of fried and rolled dishes so that the guests can freely choose their favourite ones. The shop has 2 floors. The second floor has many green trees, bringing about a close sense of nature and is very cool in summer. In addition, there is no staff dragging the guests, so they do not make the guests feel uncomfortable or even want to stop eating.

‘Phở cuốn’ here is jam-packed with beef that is well-marinated, soft, and tightly rolled. The puffy fried ‘phở’ dish here is very full, beautiful, not soaked in oil so that the noodle is very crispy. However, the diners still cannot eat this dish a lot.

The shop has smaller area compared to other ‘Phở cuốn’ shops along Ngu Xa street, so it is a little bit difficult for customers to find. The quality of the dishes here is not very good as the sauce is a little bit sour, sometimes slightly bland compared to the taste of some customers.

  • Address: 29B Ngu Xa Street
  • Opening Time: 6:00 a.m – 10:30 p.m
  • Pricing: 25.000 – 55.000 VND

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4. ‘Phở cuốn’ 31
pho cuon 31

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Located on between Ngu Xa – Truc Bach Street, so the shop ‘Phở 31’ is very easy to find for the very first-time customers. The shop has wide and cool space with spacious façade and a view of lake so that it brings about a cool, airy feeling. Coming to ‘Phở 31’, depending on the taste, diners can try ‘Phở cuốn’, stir fried ‘phở’ with beef, sour mixed ‘phở’, fried ‘phở’…

The dishes here are well-tasted, not greasy. The noodle is very hot and crispy–fried with good aroma, not oily, and served with tasty sauce. The dish includes a lot of fried beef, so it looks very attractive and full.

The biggest shortcoming of the shop is the quality of food as it is not stable. For example; sometimes, the fried noodle is hard, the fried egg is too soft. Moreover, sometimes, the ingredients in the rolls are not very fresh so that many people still feel afraid.

  • Address: 31 Ngu Xa Street
  • Opening Time: 6:00 a.m – 11:00 p.m
  • Pricing: 25.000 – 55.000 VND

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5. ‘Phở cuốn’ Vinh Phong
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‘Phở cuốn’ Vinh Phong shop is located at the intersection between Ngu Xa and Nguyen Khac Hieu Street so that it is also very easy to find. The shop has 2 floors with a small space but very comfortable. Vinh Phong’s menu does not include many differences compared to other shops mentioned above.

The rolled, fried, stir-fried noodle dishes here are relatively tasty; the sauce is just fine, not too salty. The beef is soft, fragrant, and the remaining fried dishes come with a lot of vegetables to avoid the greasy sensation. ‘Phở cuốn’ has a lot of beef, puffy fried ‘phở’ is crispy, stir-fried ‘phở’ is full with meat, but slightly lack onion compared to other restaurants.

A good point of the restaurant is the fast serving staff even in lunch time with a crowded space. Nevertheless, the first floor of the shop is in a narrow area so the seats are limited while the second floor is more spacious and comfortable. About the dish, sometimes, the stir-fried beef slices are too small so that some customers are not really satisfied.

  • Address: 40 Ngu Xa Street
  • Opening Time: 7:00 a.m – 10:00 p.m
  • Pricing: 20.000 – 55.000 VND
6. ‘Phở cuốn’ Hương Sơn
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‘Phở cuốn’ Hương Sơn restaurant has clean, cool space, with relatively comfortable seating. The menu includes traditional ‘phở cuốn’ dishes with many variations from fried to stir-fried dishes.

‘Phở cuốn’ here is rolled thick, coming with soft beef and very tasty sauce. The noodle is crispy fried, tasted greatest when dipped in sweet and sour sauce. Each ‘phở cuốn’ set here comes with a lot of green veggies, making it not greasy.

However, some diners are still disappointed about the quality of the dishes as sometimes, the noodle is slightly small, or the ratio of vegetables and meat is not balanced. The staff attitude is not good so that it is also a weak point of the restaurant.

  • Address: 19 Ngu Xa Street
  • Opening Time: 8:00 a.m – 9:00 p.m
  • Pricing: 25.000 – 50.000 VND

Today, in Hanoi, there are thousands of noodle shops opened; but over the years, the name Ngu Xa still won a certain place in the hearts of those who love ‘Phở cuốn’. Over time, people gradually remember that Ngu Xa is a street specializing in selling a variety of dishes made from fresh noodle. Thus, if you have chance to come to Vietnam, especially Hanoi; or if you are a big fan of Vietnamese Pho, try Vietnamese Fresh Rice Noodle Rolls or ‘Phở cuốn’ once in your life and you will definitely not regret about your choice. Anyway, do not skip Ngu Xa Street as here you will be served with the best ‘Phở cuốn’ versions!








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