30 Quick, Easy Cooking Vietnamese Desserts Ideas

20. Grapefruit Sweet Porridge: Vietnamese desserts The cool grapefruit sweet porridge, with the crispy grapefruit pulp, fresh green beans, and succulent coconut milk will be a great treat for your family members in hot summer days. This sweet porridge is actually one of the most enjoyable, easy cooking desserts in Vietnam. Ingredients: - Grapefruit - Shelled green bean - Sugar - Chesnut starch (or corn starch) - Grapefruit flower - Salt - Alum earth - Canned coconut milk 21. Corn Sweet Potato Sweet Porridge: Vietnamese desserts This sweet porridge is very fragrant with soft sweet potato pieces and limber corn particles, and it is actually very supportive for our digestion. Ingredients: - Sweet potato - Corn - Sticky glutinous rice - Sugar - Coconut milk 22. Taro Green Bean Sweet Porridge: Vietnamese desserts This dish is primarily made from taro and green bean – the 2 ingredients which are very good for health and body’s temperature. In addition, you will love the chewy chestnut starch balls. Ingredients: - Taro - Shelled green bean - Big size chestnut starch balls (available in any supermarket) - Sugar - Canned coconut milk - Vanilla

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