30 Quick, Easy Cooking Vietnamese Desserts Ideas

23. Lotus Seed Dried Longan Sweet Porridge:

Vietnamese desserts

Coincidentally, the harvesting seasons of longan and lotus are contemporary, giving us this cool and nutritious sweet porridge. Make it yourself, and you will be able to surprise your friends and family with this tasty easy cooking dessert.


– Longan

– Dried or fresh lotus seed

– Sugar (depending on your own taste)

24. Herbal Sweet Porridge:

Vietnamese desserts

When the summer comes, enjoying a cup of herbal sweet porridge after a hard working day will help you relax effectively and feel comfortably


– Dried or fresh lotus seeds

– Longan

– Dried grapes

– Red jujube

– Agar powder

– Sugar

25. Dried Longan Seaweed Jelly Sweet Porridge:

Vietnamese desserts

Crunchy seaweed jelly served with sweet and fragrant dried longan make this wonderful sweet porridge extremely suitable for hot summer days. This is one of the most common Vietnamese desserts you should try!


– Seaweed powder

– Cool water

– Rock sugar

– Dried longan

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