30 Quick, Easy Cooking Vietnamese Desserts Ideas

11. Mango Sweet Porridge: Vietnamese desserts The fragrance of mango mixed with the sweetness and slight sourness make this dessert really wonderful that many people love. Ingredients: - Mango - Strawberry - Watermelon - Basil seeds - Chesnut starch balls (“tran chau” in Vietnamese) - Sweetened condensed milk - Canned coconut milk - Julliened coconut - Fruits (optional) 12. Snow Peas Lotus Seeds Sweet Porridge: Vietnamese desserts The combination of these two types of aromatic and fleshy grain will give you a delicious sweet porridge. You really should give it a try. Ingredients: - Dry lotus seeds - Dry snow peas - Rock sugar - Salt 13. Purple Sticky Glutinous Rice Taro Sweet Porridge: Vietnamese desserts This sweet porridge is the combination of fleshy taro, sticky glutinous rice and greasy coconut. This is one of the most eye-catching Vietnamese desserts with the beautiful purple color. Ingredients: - Purple sticky glutinous rice - Taro - Coconut milk - Sugar - Vanilla - Salt - Juliened coconut

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