30 Quick, Easy Cooking Vietnamese Desserts Ideas

26. Corn Sweet Porridge: Vietnamese desserts With a simple cooking method and just a few small steps, you can make this sweet and cool sugary porridge to welcome the very first days of summer and to relax your taste after a heavy and greasy meal. This dish is really among the best quick and easy dessert ideas in Vietnam. Ingredients: - Corn - Kudzu starch - Sugar - Cooconut milk - Salt - Corn starch 27. Green Bean Lotus Root Sweet Porridge: Vietnamese desserts Green bean combined with lotus roots making this sweet a cool and crunchy sweet porridge which can reduce your body’s heat. The ingredients contained in this sweet porridge are also very easy to find that they are available in any food store or supermarket. This is actually one of the best easy cooking desserts which are very popular in Southern Vietnam. Try it once! Ingredients: - Green bean (with shell) - Lotus root - Sugar 28. Black Bean Sweet Porridge: Vietnamese desserts Black bean sweet porridge is among the most common Vietnamese desserts, especially popular in Northern Vietnam. This sweet porridge is very cool and sweet; it can be served with ice to “cool down” the hot summer temperature, or served while it is still hot in cold winter days. Ingredients: - Black bean - Sugar - Salt - Coconut milk - Chestnut starch

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