Hoa Son Cave – The Most Mysterious & Longest Cave In Son La Province, Vietnam

the most mysterious and longest cave in son la

Son La is a mountainous province located in the Northwest of Viet Nam and far 320km from Ha Noi. Son La has two plateaus including Son La and Moc Chau (Mộc Châu). The weather here is typical. The winter is cold and the summer is hot and rainy. There are a lot of landscapes in Son La and Hoa Son (Hoa Sơn) Cave is the newest discovery of Vietnam travel.

Hoa Son Cave belongs to Hoa son 1 mountain village, Chieng Mai (Chiềng Mai), Mai Son (Mai Sơn) district. It is reported to be the most beautiful cave in son La. Hoa Son is a natural cave with the depth 30m, the top of the cave is vertical. The bottom of the cave is a spring flowing from Chieng Kheo village to Chieng Mai village with the length of 15km.

1. The Beauty of Hoa Son Cave 
hoa son cave

If you have ever gone to Hoa Son Cave, you will surprise about its attraction. All the background of Hoa Son Cave still keeps wild and gigantic. One of its features is the secret of nature in the limestone mountain. Seeing it, you will love the inline spring as mentioned above. Still, now, Hoa Son Cave is reported as the longest natural Cave that has been ever found in Son La.

According to Son La people, Chieng Mai spring is a place that many people use to dig the sand, stone, and discover gold and minerals. Many people didn’t know the value of the cave, but when it is lightened, they must agree that Hoa Son is one of the most beautiful cave.

My colleague said that when you go to the cave, you will feel the same as when the Prince seeks the Princess in Thach Sach story. The deeper you go to, the larger the cave is. Especially, there are many fishes in it and you can hear the spring running under your legs. That sounds great and happy.

We predict that Hoa son Cave is created by Chieng Mai spring with the giant underground cave with the length at least 15km, the width from 7-10m and the height more than 10m. This is a large space that a car can run through, someone thinks.

Especially, Hoa son has a system of numerous stalactites and stalagmites “pearls” and statues shaped like animals & Buddha, stone tables…are shown in abundance in the cave. In addition, we can find out gold in tiny amounts, either as flakes or grains in the cave.

Hoa Son is one of the most beautiful natural cave in Son La, we can see this treasure directly and feel it as a golden cave among the nice picture. And in order to protect it, Party provincial secretary required all the individuals, residents, companies do not exploit the minerals in this place.

Beside Hoa Son Cave, there are many others caves in Chieng Luong (Chiềng Lương) villages including Tham Quai cave that is being exploited. Seeing the value of Hoa Son Cave, Son La appeal to develop it as an attractive traveling place. However, they need to have a plan to be sure about the security, environmental sanitation, hygiene, and food safety to make visitors and investors have a good impression.

2. Direction to Son La from Ha Noi

direction to son la from ha noi - dulich24

The distance from Ha Noi to Son La is about 320km. It is really easy to go to Son La province by the following direction:

–    The most wanted choice is going to the place by passenger cars. The price is from 160.000VND to 220.000VND per ticket.

–    You can choose some normal name of passenger cars such as Hai Van, Ngoc Thuan, Bac Son.

  • Hai Van (Hải Vân) passenger car, phone number: 04 3722 3588 or 0122 826 2626.  Time to start: From My Dinh – Mỹ Đình station(7h30, 8h30, 9h30, 20h30, 21h30) Sơn La Station (19h00, 20h00, 21h00, 22h00)
  • Ngoc Thuan (Ngọc Thuận) passenger car, phone number: 0919 737 100 or  0912 148 44. Time: From Mỹ Đình Station (20h30, 22h15) and from Sơn La station(14h20, 19h30)
  • Bac Son (Bắc Sơn) passenger car, phone number: 0223.551.558 – 0223.551.559, Time: From Son La station (10h00, 14h30, 17h00, 19h30,20h30 , 20h45. 21h15, 22h30, 23h00), From Ha Noi Station 10h45, 11h30, 13h00, 15h30, 16h30, 19h00, 20h30, 21h30, 22h00, 22h30)
3. Direction to Hoa Son Cave from Son La province

In order to explore caves in Chieng Ban, Chieng Mai in Mai Son district, Son La province, visitors might follow two main streets.

–    The first one is from the highway six to three-way crossroads of Mai Son, following highway 4G to Song Ma  (Sông Mã) district (about 7km), through Ban Mat (Bản Mạt) about 300m, turn right, go straight 5km and you can find out Hoa Son Cave.

–    The second street is from Son La city to Ha Noi, following highway 6 to Km 6, turn right, go through Cap II (Cấp Hai)  company, go straight to Hoa Son Cave.

4. What And Where Can You Eat In Son La?
where can you eat in son la

Son La is not only famous in nice sceneries but also well-known in foods. There are many special foods such as smoked buffalo meat (Trâu Gác Bếp), bamboo-tube rice (Cơm Lam), Buff salad (Nộm Da Trâu), fried veal (Bê Chao)…Here are some restaurants you can visit:

  • Restaurant 75 (Nhà Hàng 75) – buffalo foods

Address: Đông Sang, Mộc Châu, Sơn La.

Opening time: 8am – 8.30pm

Phone number: 091 586 92 27.

  • Xuân Bắc 181 – special food is Moc Chau Fried Veal (bê chao)

Address: AH 13, Highway 6, Mộc Châu, Sơn La.

Opening time: 9am – 11pm

Price: from 30.000VND – 150.000VND

  • 70 Nam Hung Restaurant (Quán 70 Nam Hưng)

Adress:  Tiểu Khu Chiềng Đi, Moc Chau Farm Town, Sơn La.

Opening time: 9am – 11pm.

Price: from 50.000VND – 500.000VND

  • Duc Long Restaurant (Nhà hàng Đức Long )

Address: Tiểu Khu 8, Moc Chau Farm Town, Sơn La.

Opening time: 8am – 10pm

Price: 50.000VND – 500.000VND

  • Restaurant 64 (Quán 64)

Address: Khu Chiềng Đi, Moc Chau Farm Town, Mộc Châu, Sơn La.

Opening time: 7am – 10pm

Price: 100.000VND – 500.000VND

Phone number:  096 981 16 66.

5. Hotel and Accommodation in Son La

hotel and accommodation

Some hotels you can refer to as below:

  • Công Đoàn Mộc Châu Hotel

Address: Km 72, Highway 43, Moc Chau Farm Town, Sơn La province

Phone number: 02123 869 047

Email: congdoanhotelsla@gmail.com

Price: from 350.000VND per night.

  • Sao Xanh Mộc Châu Hotel

Adress: Khu 14, Mộc Châu town, Sơn La

Phone number: 0212.3789 999

Email: saoxanhmocchau@gmail.com

Price: from 400.000VND per night.

  • Hương Sen Mộc Châu Hotel

Address: Tiểu khu 2, Mộc Châu town, Sơn La

Phone number: 022.3.866.174

Price: from 400.000VND per night.

  • Thảo Nguyên Mộc Châu Hotel

Adress: Road Thao Nguyen, Moc Chau Farm Town, Sơn La

Phone number:  022(3) 769-999

Email: khachsanthaonguyenmocchau@gmail.com

Price: from 530.000VND per night.

  • Mộc Châu Accommodation

Address: Hoàng Quốc Việt Street, Mộc Châu town, Sơn La

Price: from 150.000VND

  • Pha Luông Accommodation

Address: Tiểu khu Bó Bun, Hoàng Quốc Việt road, Mộc Châu town, Sơn La

Phone number: 0164 356 9666

Email: phaluongtravel@gmail.com

Price: from 60.000VND

  • Hoa Anh Đào Accommodation

Address: Number 43 Nguyễn Lương Bằng, Mộc Châu Town, Sơn La

Phone number: 0223 668 188

Price: from 350.000VND

  • Hoa Ban Accommodation

Address: Tiểu Khu 13, Mộc Châu town, Sơn La

Phone number: 0167 993 0866

Price: From 170.000VND

  • Ánh Dương Accommodation

Address: 72 AH13, Mộc Châu town, Sơn La

Phone number: 0212 3766 567

Price: From 300.000VND

  • Mặt Trời Accommodation

Address: Tiểu khu 4, Mộc Châu town, Sơn La

Phone number: 0212 3867 867

Price: 150.000VND

In conclusion, with all the features of Hoa Son Cave, hopefully, you will have a great time to discover it. Beside Hoa Son cave, you might have a nice time to find out some beautiful places in Son La as the suggestion above. If you have any questions related to tourism in Son La, or if you want to share with us the story of your trip, leave a comment in the box below. For more information about other places to visit in Vietnam, please go to our home page.

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