Steamed Sticky Rice With Perch – Discover the Secret of Xoi Ca Ro Dong

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Soft sticky rice, firm perch meat, fresh onion and pepper make the steamed sticky rice with perch a very wonderful speciality of Vietnamese people, contributing to help the country attract several tourists. The perch fish is one of the most nutritious freshwater fish in the world, and it is the main ingredients of many delicious fish dishes in Vietnam.

Steamed sticky rice with perch is a good choice for people to enjoy in cold winter days. It is best to order and enjoy a very hot bowl with flying smoke of soft steamed sticky rice combined with shiny brown strips of perch and some golden, crispy fried onion slices on top when the winter comes to the city. Now, keep both of your eyes on this article to know more about this delicious dish with VinaFood.

I. Steamed Sticky Rice With Perch – The Introduction

Steamed sticky rice with perch is not simply a combination of the sticky rice and perch. According to the folk experience, in the rainy season, the perch fish is healthy, delicious and full of eggs, making it a great ingredient for processing this wonderful speciality. At this time, people often go to the field to trap perch fish, and when everything is ready, it is time to make perfect steamed sticky rice with perch! 

The perch fish can be used to make many tasty specialties due to its small bones, including steamed sticky rice with perch. This dish is not new, but it still gives eaters a strange and delicious taste.

This dish must be cooked with sticky rice, and the fish meat must be carefully processed to retain the sweetness of the meat and the smell of the fish.

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II. Where To Eat Steamed Sticky Rice With Perch

Although the perch fish is small, has more bones and thin meat, but it is better than some other fish. Nonetheless, many restaurants are not always available to serve good perch fish. In addition, making this kind of fish is also time- consuming. Now, in Hanoi, there are some famous places where you can find this strange dish. Here are some great choices for you:

1. Steamed Sticky Rice With Perch On Nguyen Chi Thanh Street

steamed sticky rice with perch

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If you want to find this restaurant, you have to go to the intersection of Tran Duy Hung Street and Lang Road and then down to Nguyen Chi Thanh Street. It is on the right hand side. The price is 25,000 VND for each bowl. However, the bowl is medium with not much of the perch fish. So, if desired, you can call the larger bowl. The dish here is very delicious, whether it is hot or cooled down, the rice is still flexible and not hard. The perch fish is also always fragrant and easy to eat. The secret may be that the fish was carefully cooked, and soaked in the smell of onions and peppers. The steamed sticky rice with perch here is very spicy. So, each bowl is accompanied by bowls of green broccoli with fresh ginger, making many people be pampered due to its spiciness. Many people say that steamed sticky rice with perch must eat spiciness. And, delicious dish is still a common comment of many people after visiting the restaurant on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street.

Apart from the perch fish, the restaurant also serves squid dishes for eaters who choose steamed sticky rice with perch. The squid rolls are delicious, but the price is very high with 20,000 VND / piece. If you call a bowl of steamed sticky rice with perch with a piece of squid roll, you will not be able to satisfy. Therefore, many customers would rather call two bowls of steamed sticky rice with perch.

Previously, there was the sticky rice with squid rolls, but it is so expensive, So now, it is taken place with sticky rice with mackerel. The bowl of sticky rice with mackerel is not very special, just includes sticky rice, a few pieces of fried mackerel and dried onions, but it is so good. Fish is crispy, and not fishy. If you add a little bit of soy sauce, the sticky rice and the fish is soaked enough to enjoy.

The restaurant sells only steamed sticky rice with perch, and it also has small space. However, in the hot days, the restaurant has air conditioning to serve consumers. Therefore, you should think of going to Nguyen Chi Thanh Street to discover this strange dish.

  • Address: 107 lane on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street
  • Opening Time: 7:00 a.m – 2 p.m, 4 p.m – 10 p.m
  • Pricing: 22.000 – 33.000 VND

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2. Steamed Sticky Rice With Perch On Lo Duc Street

steamed sticky rice with perch

Source: vietnammoi

If many traditional dishes with sticky rice do not make diners excited, the steamed sticky rice with perch may be a great choice. This is a traditional specialty of the heart of the capital. The selected sticky rice must be delicious, and soak for a few hours before cooking. The perch fish must be healthy and fat. Fish is steamed, allowed to cool and then separate the meat of the fish from the bone. When all of the spices are soaked, the meat of the fish will be quickly stir-fried with peppers and green onions in order to increase the smell. Eating with the fish with onions bring a different pleasure.

The bowl of steamed sticky rice with perch is served with round beans, topped with blue onion. When you eat, you will feel the aroma, the sticky rice mixed with the fatty meat of the fish. And this brings a sense of satisfaction.

This shop opens from early morning until late at night. Apart from the famous steamed sticky rice with perch, the shop also serves the squid sticky rice, crab noodle salad, pigeon sticky rice, etc. Delicately scented, fatty fish, crispy onions, and sweet taste mixed together to make a favourite dish for many people. Actually, this is a great option for those who want to enjoy this strange dish in Hanoi.

  • Address: 61 Lo Duc Street
  • Opening Time: 6:30 a.m – 9 p.m
  • Pricing: 10.000 – 30.000 VND

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Today, in Hanoi, there are some famous restaurants where sell steamed sticky rice with perch and you can choose any of these restaurants as we mentioned above if you want to enjoy this strange dish. Actually, making steamed sticky rice and the perch fish is quite complicated and time-consuming, but the combination of sticky rice and the meat of the perch fish are so great. As a result, if you have a chance to come to Vietnam, especially Hanoi or simply if you want to try this special food, you should consider visiting any of these restaurants and you will never regret about your choice. Now, why do not you try out a bowl of steamed sticky rice with perch with your family members and friends?





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