30 Quick, Easy Cooking Vietnamese Desserts Ideas

17. Banana Coconut Milk Sweet Porridge: Vietnamese desserts This dish should be served when it is still hot. Banana coconut milk sweet porridge comes with the natural sweetness of bananas, the succulence of coconut, and the aroma of peanut, make this the favorite dessert of many Vietnamese people. Ingredients: - Ripe banana - Salt - Canned coconut milk - White sugar - Chestnut starch balls (with coconut stuffed inside) - Julienned coconut - Roasted peanut 18. Red Bean Jelly Sweet Porridge: Vietnamese desserts The greasiness of red beans, black jelly, crispy seaweed jelly, fragrant coconut, and succulent peanut, plus crushed ice, will be your brand new favorite dessert. Ingredients: - Red bean - Seaweed jelly powder - White sugar - Black jelly - Canned coconut milk - Corn starch - Salt - Roasted peanut 19. Lotus Seed Black Jelly Sweet Porridge: Vietnamese desserts This is also one of the quick and easy dessert ideas you should try. The cool and soft lotus seeds served with black jelly is a simple yet very delicious sweet porridge - a very common dessert and snack in Vietnam. Ingredients: - Dried or fresh lotus seeds - Black jelly - Rock sugar or jaggery

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