30 Quick, Easy Cooking Vietnamese Desserts Ideas

14. Cassava Sweet Porridge: Vietnamese desserts Having one bowl of hot cassava sweet porridge from the steaming pot, sprinkle with julienned coconut, salt, and white soft cassava, you will feel really great and do not stop eating it. Coconut is brittle, coming with the smell of ginger, giving you a warmer winter for a while. Ingredients: - Cassava - Molasses - Ginger - Salt - Kudzu - Julienned coconut 15. Lotus Seed Black Bean Sweet Porridge: Vietnamese desserts Enjoying a bowl of hot sweet porridge with soft black bean particles, adhered to the chewy chestnut starch balls (“tran trau” in Vietnamese) and the slight aroma of ginger, you will feel really warm even in the winter. This is also one of the quick and easy dessert ideas you can try when coming to Vietnam. Ingredients: - Dry lotus seeds - Black beans - Chestnut starch balls - Rock sugar (optional) - Salt - Coconut milk - Ginger 16. Lotus Seed Green Rice Sweet Porridge: Vietnamese desserts A bowl of lotus seed and green rice sweet porridege always makes us think of ripe paddy fields. Try this dessert and sometimes miss this beautiful country – Vietnam – if you are a tourist! This is actually one of the best easy cooking desserts people should try once! Ingredients: - Dry or fresh lotus seeds - Dry or fresh green rice - Kuzdu starch - White sugar

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