Hot Finger-Shaped Soufflé – Quay Nong – A Rustic Hanoi Street Food

hot finger-shaped soufflé hanoi

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Hot finger-shaped soufflé or “Quay nong” is a snack that is so popular in many countries, including Vietnam. On cold days, fried and grilled dishes are preferred, and hot finger-shaped soufflé is one of the best choices for you. Prepare sweet and sour sauce, and then enjoy these crispy and fragrant hot finger-shaped soufflés.

I. Hot Finger-Shaped Soufflé Hanoi – The Introduction

The way to make Hot Finger-Shaped Soufflé is quite simple, but make a crispy and hot soufflé is not easy. The most important thing is to make this dish a few times in order to find the proper formula.  Normally, hot finger-shaped soufflés are usually fried in one turn. When the customer orders, they are fried again to become golden and crispy.

Besides, hot finger-shaped soufflé Hanoi should be eaten with sweet and sour sauce and pickled vegetables. Immerse the souffles in the sauce and then enjoy them, you will feel the crisp outside, soft and tough inside along with the sweet and sour sauce.

II. Where To Eat Hot Finger-Shaped Soufflé in Hanoi

In Hanoi, there are some famous street vendors where sell hot finger-shaped soufflé. And, if you want to enjoy this dish, you should try visiting any of the places we mentioned below.

1. “Quay Nong” On Hang Bong Street
hot finger-shaped soufflé - quay nong on hang bong street

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This restaurant is on Hang Bong Street. Previously, the restaurant also occupied a sidewalk. Although it was not too large, it was enough to set the table with a large frying pan. But now, if not see the sign “Quay nong- banh tieu”, many people will think that the restaurant disappears.

The restaurant is deep inside a house next to it. Guests who want to sit on the sidewalk have to sit close to the edge of the door. If not, they will be invited into the house, but also only a few guests at the same time. Although the service is not professional, many people still prefer to eat here because of “fresh” hot souffles. Only when guests order, the owner cuts the powder into a frying pan. Guests have to wait a little bit, but the hot finger-shaped soufflés are both crispy and soft.

Each plate of hot soufflé here is 20,000 VND with more than a dozen. In addition, the pepper cake here is also delicious. These pepper cakes are ready to serve and the price is 5,000 VND.

  • Address: 73 Hang Bong Street, Hoan Kiem District
  • Opening Time: 5:00 p.m – 9:30 p.m
  • Pricing: 10.000 – 25.000 VND

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2. “Quay Nong” On Ta Quang Buu Street

hot finger-shaped soufflé - quay nong on ta quang buu street

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This restaurant has been opened for 15 years. The location is quite nice and the sidewalk is spacious, so the restaurant is one of the best places for many people who want to enjoy hot finger-shaped soufflé Hanoi. In the past, this restaurant was very crowded. And now, many people still love eating soufflés here because of delicious foods and cool seats.

Over time, the restaurant has changed a lot. Even though the sign “Quay nong” is still hanging, but the menu is longer than that. It also serves “nem chua”, “pho cuon”, dried beef salad or “che”. So, there are many students eating here every afternoon. However, the old customers here are disappointed that hot finger- shaped soufflés are not as delicious as before. In addition, the price for other dishes is not competitive compared to other restaurants for students.

  • Address: 109 E7 Ta Quang Buu Street, Hai Ba Trung District
  • Opening Time: 7:00 a.m – 10:00 p.m
  • Pricing: 15.000 – 33.000 VND

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3. “Quay Nong” On Doi Can Street

hot finger-shaped soufflé - quay nong on doi can street

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This restaurant is located right in front of the B52 Victory Museum on Doi Can Street. It sells only from about 3pm to 6pm. There are only a few pairs of tables, so many guests have to bring back. Each hot finger-shaped soufflé costs 2,000 VND and it is very large. These soufflés are cheap, but bread with pepper is cheaper. Each bread with pepper costs 5,000 VND and it is very large. It is often cut into 4 pieces for easy to handle and eat.

However, the disadvantage of this restaurant is that singer-shaped souffles are usually fried and put into a paper bag to heat up. In addition, these finger-shaped soufflés are quite greasy, and the bread is not soft and quite dry. However, because of the cheap price, this restaurant is still crowded with guests. Actually, if you want to enjoy soft and crispy hot finger-shaped soufflé, you can try out at this stall.

  • Address: Opposite 166B Doi Can Street, Ba dinh District
  • Opening Time: 10:00 a.m – 6:30 p.m
  • Pricing: 2.000 – 10.000 VND

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4. “Quay Nong” On Tran Nhat Duat Street

hot finger-shaped soufflé - quay nong on tran nhat duat street

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This restaurant is located at the crossroads between Hang Dau Street and Tran Nhat Duat Street. The hot finger-shaped soufflés Hanoi here are delicious and highly recommended by many people. The shell of soufflés is so thin, so they are very crispy. Some people think that doing that is a problem, but they may not know how to enjoy Hanoi’s hot souffles. The seller has to use good powder, make smart dough, cut enough powder, knead the baking flour well, and do not use stored fried oil so that the new hot soufflés are crispy, fragrant and not smelly.  The hot souffles here are well-known for good taste for years. The only disadvantage of this restaurant is that it has only three plastic tables for guests, so there are no crowded guests. However, the owner always has to fry the new soufflés because guests come to buy so much. Apart from hot soufflés and cake with pepper, the restaurant also sells more strange dishes that are also favoured by young people. The price here is 20,000 VND / dish.

  • Address: Tran Nhat Duat Street
  • Opening Time: 3:30 p.m – 10:00 p.m
  • Pricing: 20.000 – 45.000 VND

Hot finger-shaped soufflé is a favourite snack for Hanoians, especially on cold days. And, if you have a chance to visit Hanoi, or if you want to taste the crispy and soft hot soufflés, you should go to any of the restaurants as mentioned above. All of these places are great options for those who want to enjoy this dish in Hanoi. Feel free to come back to VinaFood if you want more interesting food guide and experiences.

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