Vietnamese New Year Food – Some Traditional Food for New Year Days

3. Canh Kho Qua Don Thit – Bittermelon Stuffed With Meat:

vietnamese new year food

Although it is actually a simple dish, but bittermelon stuffed with meat contains many spiritual elements according to the Southerners’ intellection. Traditionally, people here eat this dish in the first New Year days, hoping that unlucky things in the old year will pass and welcoming a peaceful and happy new year. In addition to be the spiritual dish, bittermelon stuffed with meat is also suitable for the warm weather in the South because it can low the heat inside our body and it is very good for human health.

4. Cu Kieu Tom Kho – Pickled Scallion Heads Served With Dried Shrimp:

vietnamese new year food

Like pickled vegetables in the Central, pickled scallion heads served with dried shrimp always appear on the feast of Southern people on Tet holiday. Although it is just a simple, rustic dish, the preparing process for making this dish is quite meticulous. Since mid-December, the housewives have to go shopping and buy scallion heads for their family. Scallion heads will be soaked in ash water, the roots will be washed, and the leaves will be dried in the sun until they become wilted. People will need to use a clean jar, put the scallion heads into the jar: every layer of sugar and of scallion heads will be staggered. In about 10 days, the scallion heads will ferment themselves and people will be able to take them out to enjoy. When eating this dish, the Southern people often served it with a little dried shrimp for tastier flavor.

This is the last Vietnamese New Year food I want to introduce in this article. There are also many dishes which are prepared and served on Tet holiday throughout Vietnam, and this article is just a contemporary list, showing you the most particular Tet dishes of Vietnamese people.

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